Letter, Chairman of the FDP Fraction, 22.06.2002

Dr. Wolgang Gerhardt, Member of the Bundestag
Chairman of the FDP (German Liberal Democrats) faction in the Bundestag

22nd July 2002, Berlin

Dear Mrs Forouhar,
Thank you very much for your letter from the 10th of April.
The account of the legal proceedings after the murder of your parents and the fact that you refrained from exercising your right to the death sentence particularly struck me. As you know, I have no possible influence on this particular case whatsoever as faction chairman. I have however heard from the Foreign Office that they have already spoken with the Commissary of the German Federal Government for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, Mr. Gerd Poppe, and that the Foreign Office, along with the embassy in Tehran, are concerning themselves with the matter. I am afraid that there is nothing else that can be done apart from taking small yet persistent steps within our means, so that we can work towards our goal of establishing constitutional conditions in Iran.

Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Gerhardt