Letter, German Foreign Office, 09.03.2000

German Foreign Office

9h March 2000, Berlin

Dear Mrs Forouhar,

Foreign Minister Fischer receives more correspondence than he is personally able to reply to. He has therefore asked me to write to you and to thank you for your letter to him from the 2nd of March 2000.
As you have gathered from your meetings with the Foreign Office’s Commissary for Human Rights, we are closely following the development of the human rights situation in Iran. We were shocked by the tragic deaths of your parents. Please accept my sincere condolences.
Minister Fischer openly addressed the general development of the human rights situation in Iran as well as a series of individual cases and problems with his interlocutors whilst on his trip to Tehran. You can safely assume that Germany has sent out a clear signal showing the values that we attach to democratisation, the creation of a constitutional state and the improvement of human rights in your home country.
I would also like to sincerely thank you for the detailed description of the current status of the investigation into your parents’ murder that you enclosed with your letter. I completely agree with you that a full investigation and resolution of the criminal act, one that is related to the subsequent murders of intellectuals, politicians and authors, will have a large impact on the further development of democracy in Iran.

Yours sincerely,
By order,
Dr. Peter Schmidt
Head of the Middle East and Maghreb Department